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What to Expect


You took the most difficult step toward improving your hearing when you took the first one – recognizing you need to find out more about your hearing loss and improving your situation. Everything after that is easy, including your initial hearing consultation. Most appointments consist of at least these three steps.


After answering questions to establish your health and hearing history, you will undergo a thorough hearing examination. First, both ears will be visually examined to see if there are any obstructions in the ear canal that might be affecting your hearing.

Then, you’ll be tested with the latest standard-of-care methods and technology to precisely determine the degree and type of hearing loss you have. This quick and painless test consists of listening and reacting to pure tones in a sound treated booth.

Your results will be illustrated in a detailed audiogram that Dr. Grijalva will review with you.


Next, we’ll consult with you on your lifestyle to determine your needs and expectations. The rhythms of your life, the environments you live in, and your style of interaction will all figure into our recommendations. Be prepared to answer questions about the places you like to go and the things you like to do. This step will help us ensure that any hearing solution we recommend is customized specifically to your lifestyle needs.


Once the hearing and lifestyle evaluations are complete, Dr. Grijalva will explain your solution options. If it’s determined that hearing aids can help, you’ll get a personalized demonstration of the different instruments that are appropriate for your level of hearing loss as well as your preferences for size, color and features.

Customer Reviews

Dr. Grijalva makes the process easy and understandable. She is very personable and approachable; she answers all my questions promptly and thoroughly. The support staff is friendly and efficient!

Michele Knapp, on Google*

Dr. G. is very knowledgeable. She is very helpful in explaining all the possible options that you can get. I order my customized in-ear headphones and the job was done professionally. Highly recommend Dr. G. to anyone who needs hearing aids or any hearing issue.

Jamila Tran, on Google*

I had a great visit with Dr. G. She is thorough, easy to talk to, and excellent at counseling. I had a lot of concerns and she took time to address each one. Would highly recommend!

Carsen Lagman, on Google*

I got custom molds for my headphones with Dr. Grijalva. I received great and fast service and my headphones are amazing! Tiffani and Dr. G are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Luz Orellana, on Google*

Dr. G is great. She is always very patient with me and resolves any problems encountered. She was able to work with my insurance to get my hearing aids repaired even when the insurance company was being very difficult.

Kevin Adle, on Google*

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